Updating electrical in the home

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Updating electrical in the home

Ensure to install a main-lug subpanel with its disconnect breaker in the main service panel.

If you are doing a complete electrical upgrade which includes a higher ampacity service panel, you will need to hire a licensed electrician to install and connect the new service entrance mast, meter and service-entrance cable.

When installing a subpanel, you need to run only one cable — the subfeeder cable supplying power to the subpanel — to the second floor.

The drawing should also show how they will be connected.

A list of the materials you will be using will be required with the application.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) and most local building codes permit the residential homeowner to do almost everything that a licensed electrician can do.

The homeowner must perform the work under a wiring permit and have the same inspections performed on his work, just like the professional.

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