Turbo dating bizen

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Turbo dating bizen

Steps are faster than 8wr in general and can evade more attacks.

Generally, you should step to your character's side (2 or 8) for maximum evasion. The first is to hold the joystick in any direction.

With your intended character's 'fighting style' in mind, go on to the Basics section to get started. --------- You've probably already chosen a character and are familiar with the game, so skim over the next few sections until you find something you don't know or would like to learn more about. Version 0.02 - : Notations and Definitions (incomplete) added. So, feel free to distribute/print it, but do not forget to credit me and do not alter the FAQ in any way. Version History // Version 0.01 - : Outlined sections and added some basic content. Suggestions, and maybe even contributions (glances at the gaping emptiness in the Strat and Characters sections) would be greatly appreciated. ------------------------------------------ "Notes to Self" (NTS) are just random comments I make to myself that help me with organizing the FAQ. XD Actually, it'd be great if you could give your input on the guide.

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------------------------------------------------------------------- \\ The Newcomer's Guide to Soul Calibur II........................... Version 0.21 - : Addition of Technical Data section and revisions in Basics.

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