Single muslim dating sites am alert dating

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Single muslim dating sites

It is also obvious that any system that unappealing to the West could never take over the world by force.So the logic of a Beast Antichrist out of Islam escapes me.The Historical argument will conclude part one of this article and the Prophetical will be discussed in part two.

In like manor the Antichrist could identify with Christianity, have lived in Iraq, but come to power through a revived Roman Empire.The whole concept of an Islam Antichrist is fantasy.PROPHECY DEPOT: Does Daniel Debunk the Assyrian Antichrist?Lately there has been a whole lot of teachers getting on the Antichrist will come from Islam and that Islam is the Beast world system bandwagon.Apparently painting Antichrist horns on the obvious evil system of our time sells books but is is good theology?

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