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If you can't travel to Iran, find an Iranian who might be interested in becoming an Internet penpal. You will probably need to make friends with an Iranian person who can read and write some English, but it certainly wouldn't hurt your chances of finding someone to be friends with if you could understand some Farsi as well.

Cows and sheep wander around the tents as survivors voice fears of disease breaking out because of the corpses of other animals under collapsed buildings. Some women sobbed unconsolably, and one gently caressed the screen of her mobile phone showing a picture of her husband, who died in the quake.Find subjects to discuss that you are both interested in such as cooking or soccer.This is the heartwarming moment a young boy who survived an Iranian earthquake and led his little friend by the hand to aid workers to ask for her food parcel.Iranian officials have complained ongoing US sanctions have hampered relief efforts as Iranian-Americans are prohibited from sending money into the country.Direct bank transfers from America to Iran remain prohibited.

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We buried them ourselves in coordination with the police,' said Tooraj Mohammadi in the nearby village of Ghaleh Bahadori.