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This is my fourth Datsun build within the last three years." And yet despite all of his acumen with those SR engines and anything that isn't an S30, Dominic landed in unfamiliar territory.But conventional engine swaps of the same make and body kits that can be sourced in a day rarely earn anybody the sort of accolades Dominic's gotten.This one came to me from a friend," he says, going on about how the S30 sat at a shop collecting dust until its owner asked Dominic to take control."Dumbly enough, I said yes without looking and checking it out first.| It's not the first time an S30 engine bay's been taken over by a 2JZ, and it won't be the last.Here, a previous-generation Supra's R154 gearbox mates up to the MKIV engine along with a single-turbo conversion and a standalone ECU by way of Adaptronic.I like to study a car to death before I go into a build." An information shortage of all things 2JZ-GTE or even S30 chassis there was not.

"Every turn on this build was a lesson learned and it taught me a ton." Not that Dominic needed any lessons.

The Southern California native's been modifying Japanese cars longer than you, starting with his mom's Accord.

"I had to do everything quickly because that was the only car I had to get around [in]," he says about the fifth-generation model that got him to school and back.

"I like the challenge of doing something [I] haven't done yet," Dominic says.

"It took me some time to look up and research [everything].

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On the list of cars you probably shouldn't modify is the Datsun 260Z. Give one to a guy who's never worked on one, have him stuff an engine into it he has no experience with—all in a friend's front yard—and watch the whole thing prevail at last year's SEMA show anyways. Never mind the fact that twin-turbo Supra engines aren't among Dominic's field of expertise. There's nothing particularly wrong with Datsun's 2.6L L-series engine, it's just that there's everything right about Toyota's inline-six.