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Because gopher tortoises are legally protected, you can't move him, or do anything to him, so blocking him from your flowers is the best tact.Maybe you could plant some flowers outside the fence for him. We had fill/dirt bought in and we found several eggs, round and white. If they are not, do you have any idea what they may be and then what do we do with them.Date: Mon, From: Spider1369420kap Subject: berlandiers tortoise I've had a berlandiers for two years now and she has laid 4 eggs in the last week.there is no male with her., can these eggs be good?If the activities continue (i.e., more painted tortoises or other forms of harassment, including feeding or holding in captivity), contact your regional office of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at (352) 732-1225. Gopher tortoises are legally protected by the State of Florida, so (if you haven't already) you need to move the tortoise out of harm's way and release it where you found it. Pat the top of his head, wish him luck, and turn him loose. He has lost a lot of blood, but still seems very allert. The shell is very damaged around the edges and seems to have a small amount of blood on it. When people ask me for information, that is what I send them.Date: Sat, From: PAULBdjn Subject: [injured tortoise] i found an injured gopher turtle and it isn't moving it's back legs it's only dragging and it won't eat and it had holes in the belly of his shell. their are many dogs in the neighborhood and i want him to have a chance to survive help please!!!!!! It is hard to do, but we need all of the baby tortoises out there we can get. I have attached another chapter from a training manual that the Ashton's wrote that you may find helpful.

Gopher tortoises become sexually mature around 20 years of age.You cannot tell from the outside if a tortoise is carrying eggs.When researchers want to know, they do a sonograph or x-ray.I'm wondering if it might be a young gopher tortoise, as described on com/godo/ef/gtortoise/Qand I am visiting Florida from Marlborough, Massachusetts.Three (4-ed.) pics attached - carapace, plastron, and burrow. I was particularly impressed by the beeline the tortoise made for his burrow, which was some 20 feet away. I used to find box turtles when growing up in New Jersey and they still fascinate me. It doesn't have to be very tall, but you will need to bury it a few inches into the ground to keep him from digging under it.

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