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Gay jock dating

Karofsky (Everyone)David (Paul, Will, Figgins, Sue, Kurt)Dave (Santana, Kurt, Will) Ham Hock, Neanderthal (Kurt)Psycho (Burt Hummel)Bear Cub (Patrons at Scandals, the Gay bar featured in The First Time)Yogi Bear (Blaine) David "Dave" Karofsky, or simply known as Karofsky, is a recurring character on Glee.He was a student at William Mc Kinley High School who, along with his friend Azimio Adams and other football team members, used to constantly bully the kids in Glee Club, especially Kurt.Kurt brings Blaine to confront him in the stairwell the next day, and nearly publicly outs Dave, who denies everything and attempts to leave.When Blaine tries to tell him he's not alone, Dave turns around and angrily forces him against the wall.The duo attempt to beat up Kurt once more in the end of the episode, but Finn (wearing a Lady Gaga costume of his own) stops them, backed up by the rest of the glee club.

However, Blaine and Dave break up in Transitioning since Dave knows that Blaine's still in love with Kurt, but Dave acts cool about it. He is initially portrayed as the stereotypical jock and bully, having slushied or at least helped slushie just about every single member of New Directions (with the exception of Brittany and Lauren).

Kurt easily pushes him off, and Dave runs away, looking scared.

He later continues pushing Kurt into the lockers, showing he is unwilling to acknowledge what happened.

He goes back in for a second one, but is shoved away by an obviously shocked and frightened Kurt.

Dave punches a locker in frustration and flees the room near tears.

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Finn was about to fight them, but Artie comes in between them.