Fox 2 news my dating spot

Posted by / 26-Aug-2017 02:28

Fox 2 news my dating spot

Fox News’ use of propaganda to isolate and indoctrinate its viewers is deliberate and terrifyingly effective.

they decided that the story was partisan, and that supporting Trayvon Martin was the Democratic position, supporting the guy who killed an unarmed teen was the Republican conservative position, and so they set up the markers, and went for it.” When a grand jury decided not to indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown, Sean Hannity proved Boehlert’s claim.

The group creating the false dichotomy knows many choices are available, but for their message to be successful, they must convince listeners that their choices are limited.

Fox News and its talk radio counterparts don’t simply position themselves against MSNBC; they position themselves against literally every other source of information.

You can choose the good guy, or you can choose the bad guy.

You can get your news from Fox and Fox-approved talk radio hosts (true patriots who are trying to save the country) or you can get your news from the liberal media (deceitful or delusional people who are trying to destroy the country).

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These people — these moms and dads and aunts and uncles and grandparents and brothers and sisters and pastors and politicians and friends — have been deceived into believing that Fox News and Fox-approved talk radio hosts provide the only commentary they can trust.