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We meet tons of women and if they don’t fit the profile they stay in our database and hopefully in three months, six months, a year from now they get introduced to someone." Success rates: Janis has 1993 couples married, Carly has 85 couples married.

97% of their clients end up in long-term relationships by the third to fifth introduction.

Of course you should be attracted to a person, but I don’t know if looks matter as much as people think." When you hire a matchmaker, you’re hiring her network and that includes her life.

I try to have a diverse group of friends and people who influence me.

This is the first introduction I ever set this girl up on." Working with busy professionals interested in serious relationships.

Clients range from 30s-60s, with core clientele in the 35-45 range.

For a lot of people it’s about showing them priorities, giving them feedback after dates, educating them on style." You can sign up on the website to either be a client or a member in our database. It helps a lot because it makes people accountable.

Even if the salmon comes from the best fish market in the world, it isn’t a match because that’s not what he wants right now.When I’m out I can always tell people what I’m doing and make connections." Success rates: "Typically, 85% of our matchmaking clients enter relationships longer than six months through us.90% of our coaching clients reach their relationship endeavors while working with Agape Match." Success stories: "I had a client who was at the end of his contract. They went out the following week and got engaged eight months later.That means if they fit with a current client, then they are introduced.I like to compare it to food -- let’s say a woman is really great, but not what a man is looking for right now, even though she’s fabulous.

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I showed him her picture and profile and he was excited.

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