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Confession point of dating

Dating is rarely straightforward, and sometimes less so if you have a disability.It certainly involves time and energy, often mishaps and embarrassments, but if you’re lucky and have humour, then you can find the thing we all desire… So there are bound to be some scintillating stories from this single 20-something, disabled guy, as he shares his dating diaries…More importantly, it’s your responsibility to become a ‘catch’ and live your life in a way that makes other people want to be with you.

I’ve not actually been successful so with that in mind, I suggest you look to two other people and who approach online dating in two different ways: Either, decide that online dating is a numbers game, where you send a bunch of messages a day (like the awesome James Altucher), go on as many dates as possible, say no as soon as you realise someone isn’t right and become immune to rejection through constant exposure.So this news is sure to excite men across the nation.The Good Morning Britain host hinted that she can be found on dating app Tinder while responding to a tweet.Awesome, you think as you message her back: You: [Answer a random question about music first then:] “I’m barely ever on this site, text me on xxxxxxx if you want to chat :)” *BING* As if by magic, you’re i Phone goes off, there’s a text from a random number.Her: “Hey [your name] its [her name] from Plenty of Fish, send me another picture.” You: [Replying with picture] “Here you go.” Her: “OK, you’re just not my type, too skinny, not buff enough. Bye.” You: “Ha, fair enough, at least you’re honest.” This is the point where you’re meant to feel like you’ve been suddenly stabbed with a little sharp knife (or maybe a rusty screwdriver) right in the chest because you’re not good enough, you’re not attractive, you’re weird and you SUCK! You can think of online dating like a farmers market or a charity date auction.

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If you’ve felt like this before you’re perfectly normal, it happens to everyone. Everyone lines up and bids for each other in full view of everyone else, all using the same cliched profiles and messages while feeling more than a little exposed or like you’re standing naked in a crowd, or hugely validated by all the attention.

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  1. Just sign up, do the test and get chatting to all those love-compatible people out there. Functionality is limited as the site is more geared up to helping you find a long term partner rather than flirting randomly with people you like the look of. There is also a specific gay version of the site for those looking for a serious committed relationship with a same sex partner.

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