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At the university, Howard is one of their aerospace engineers, but did you hear he also went to space?His mother adores treating him like the precious baby he is to her and has never accepted that he grew up, even after everything he’s achieved in his career.They are joined by their neighbor Penny (Kaley Cuoco) who tags along with the guys on their adventures, in addition to trying to educate them on the ways of the world outside of science.Their lives from the outside may seem simple, but there are strong characters in this group that don’t always know how to get along with each other.When they go home do any of them have any secret science skills, or is it all a front for the show?

In recent times the actor has been in various TV shows and movies, but John has never landed anything as successful as the show.

It’s not only acting that Sara will be doing for the show either as the actress has also got a job as one of the executive producers.

Outside of work, Sara enjoys spending her time off with her three children and wife, singer Linda Perry.

Although the universe was created millions of years ago, it was The Big Bang Theory just ten years ago that has since taken the world by storm.

Bill Brady, the brains behind The Muppets, Gilmore Girls, and Married…

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